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Advanced Obedience


Obedience Training is the foundation of everything. A well-behaved dog is important to all dog owners. We offer this service for ALL breeds, whether it is for your hunting dog or your family companion dog.
In this 6-week program, we will teach your dog four basic commands on and off leash:

  • SIT
  • HERE
  • HEEL
  • PLACE – is where your dog is taught to get onto a raised bed (platform) and remain on it. This command can be very useful inside your home when you want to have your dog around, but not in your way.

We teach everything on a positive note, and after it is clearly understood we start setting expectations on the commands. We want to say a command once and avoid repeating commands. If commands are repeated multiple times and not enforced on the first request it begins to not mean as much to your dog. If you do not hold your dog to any standards you will start to find yourself having to repeat commands multiple times before your dog obeys. Once commands are well understood on lead we move on to collar conditioning. Collar conditioning is a necessary part of the process to transition your dog to off-lead obedience. Once your dog is through collar conditioning we will start working your dog on learned commands in high distraction situations. For example, your dog will make visits to parks or stores such as Tractor Supply and Lowes.

We also work on teaching them to work on paying attention to you, loose leash walking (no more pulling while on lead), eye contact, no jumping, etc…

You are encouraged to come visit your dog while he/she is with us. These visits allow us to train you as well as your dog. We try to have new students start on the first of every month. Space can be limited, so please schedule in advance to reserve a spot for your dog


Requirements: Minimum 6 months of age